Beungong Meulu dan Beungong Peukeun

In ancient times, in a country in Aceh, there lived two brothers named Beungong Meulu and Beungong Peukeun. Both of their parents have passed away. Every day Beungong Peukeun looks for shrimp in the lake. One day Beungong Peukun did not get a shrimp. When going home, he saw an object that attracted his heart. It turns out it was an egg.
When he got home, he boiled the egg and ate it. It’s strange, the next day Beungong Peukeun felt very thirsty. Not only that, his body was getting longer and scaly. Finally, one morning when he woke up from his sleep, Beungong Peukun had turned into a dragon.

“Why did you eat the egg? Now you have become a dragon, “said Beungong Meulu sobbing in regret at his brother’s actions. The next day Beungong Peukeun invited his sister to leave their hut. Before leaving, Beungong Peukeun told his sister to pick three flowers in the back of their hut. “Come on, get on my back and hold the flower tightly, don’t fall,” ordered Beungong Peukeun.
When passing through a large river, Beungong Peukeun drinks its water until it runs out. Suddenly a dragon appeared angry because of Beungong Peukeun’s actions. Both fight fiercely. When Beungong Peukuen won the fight, a flower in the hands of Beungong Meulu withered.
They continued their journey. Along the way they were again confronted by a large dragon. Fighting again occurred. Suddenly a flower in Beungong Meulu’s hand withered. He knew that soon the battle would be won by Beungong Peukeun.
After winning the battle, the brothers continued their journey across the sea. Apparently in the middle of traveling across the ocean, Beungong Peukeun was again attacked by a dragon. This time a very large dragon. When the flower in Beungong Meulu’s hand never wilted, he began to worry.
Beungong Meulu was increasingly worried when Beungong Peukeun seemed to be overwhelmed by the dragon’s attack. Upon learning that he would lose, Beungong Peukeun threw his younger brother off his back. Finally Beungong Peukeun was killed by the enormous dragon attack. Meanwhile, Beungong Meulu was thrown and caught in a tree belonging to a wealthy merchant who later married her.
But unfortunately, during being the wife of the rich merchant, Beungong Meulu never spoke or smiled. He is always silent and looks sad. Even until they have a child. Her husband looked for a way to find out the cause of his wife’s sadness. So one day her husband pretended to be dead so that his child burst into tears.
“O my son, mother knows how sad your heart will be if you leave someone you love. Mother used to lose her sister who was killed by a dragon in the ocean. Even now, you can’t get rid of that sadness. ”

Hearing Beungong Meulu’s confession, her husband then woke up. Finally, he learned the cause of Beungong Meulu’s sadness. The next day he invited Beungong Meulu to go to the ocean, where Beungong Peukeun used to fight against a giant dragon.
When they arrived at the beach, Beungong Meulu and her husband saw the bones scattered. Beungong Meulu was convinced that these were the bones of her brother. So, the gathering of the bones then her husband recited a prayer while sprinkling flower water on the bones. God willing, suddenly a miracle occurred. Beungong Peukeun incarnated and stood before them. Since then Beungong Peuken has lived with his sister and Beungong Meulu is no longer silent.
One day, Beungong Peukun took a walk by the beach. At that moment he saw a reddish giant fish. He stabbed a sword into the body of the fish and then pulled out the fish’s eye. Because it is too hard, the eye of the fish bounced far to fall in the courtyard of a ruler in a country. The fish’s eye then turns into a mountain. The ruler felt uneasy with the mountain in his yard. He then held a contest. Whoever can move the mountain from his yard, he will be made a ruler in the land and married to his son.
Beungong Peukeun who heard the contest immediately went there. Once he arrived at the place in question, he immediately gouged out the mountain with his magical sword. In an instant, the mountain can be thrown far away. The ruler kept his promise. Beungong Peukeun was given power to rule the country and was married to the daughter of the ruler. Thus the story of these two brothers. Finally, they both lived happily.

Banta Seudang

Banta Seudang is the son of the King of the Kingdom of Aceh. He and his father and mother were abandoned by their own Pakcik, because his father was blind and could no longer carry out royal duties.

One time, Banta Seudang went abroad to look for eye medicine for his father in the hope that he would become king again. Did Banta Seudang find eye medicine for his father? You can follow the story in the Banta Seudang story below.

Once upon a time, in the State of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia, there lived a just and wise King. The King has an empress who is heavily pregnant. One time, the King went hunting animals in the forest.

That’s when the queen gave birth to a handsome boy in the palace, and was given the name Banta Seudang. However, unfortunate fate for the King, because he could not see the handsome face of his son. Both of his eyes were blinded by wooden branches while hunting in the forest.

From then on, he could no longer carry out royal duties. Because Banta Seudang was still a baby, he handed over the throne temporarily to his biological brother. However, the new brother who was appointed king was very cunning and greedy.

He made a house some distance from the palace for his brother to live with his wife and Banta Seudang. The new king sent food aid every day for his family’s daily needs with his family.

Time keeps running. Banta Seudang grew into a handsome teenager. He also began to ask his mother about who fulfilled the necessities of their daily lives, even though his father was blind.

“Sorry mom! May I ask you something, “said Banta.
“What’s wrong, my child? Say it! “Cried the mother.

“Where do we get food every day, even though Dad never worked?” Banta asked curiously.
“Know, my child! Our daily needs are assisted by your Pakcikm who is now the King, “answered his mother.

“Pakcik is very kind, ma’am,” said Banta.
“Yes, my son!” Answered the mother, smiling, stroking the Banta’s hair.

One day, the mother with Banta Seudang went to see the King. In the presence of the King, the mother begged the King to help Banta Seudang to go to school. However, the mother’s request was rejected by the King.

“Basic you do not know yourself! Given as much as asking for an inch too. I have fulfilled all the necessities of your daily life! “The King snapped.

How sad the mother’s heart heard the scream. He also invited Banta to return home. When he got home, Banta Seudang tried to calm his mother’s heart.

“Never mind, ma’am! You don’t need to be sad like that. We should be grateful because Pakcik has helped us a lot, “persuaded the Banta.
“Banta! You are indeed my good son. But, you have to go to school like your peers, “said the mother.

Hearing these words, the Banta suddenly thought that what his mother said was true. Then arose his mind to look for eye medicine for his father. If someday his father could see again, of course the father could earn his own living and could help with his school fees.

One day, Banta Seudang conveyed his intention to his mother.
“Ma’am, Banta wants to go look for eye medicine for Dad so he can go back to work as usual and Banta can go to school,” Banta Seudang said.

“All right, my child! I bless you. Go find eye medicine for your father. I wish you good luck, “said the mother.
The mother also conveyed the intention of Banta to Banta’s father. With pleasure, the father also blessed Banta’s journey to seek medicine.

The next day, with provisions as needed, depart Banta Seudang to seek medicine. He walked alone through the wilderness, crossing rivers, up mountains, and down valleys. After months of walking, he arrived in a jungle filled with large trees. In the middle of the forest, he found a hall. He also decided to unwind at the hall. When he lay down, his heart suddenly wondered.

‘Why is there a hall in the middle of this forest? Wow, there must be someone who lives around here, “he thought to himself.
It is true. By the time of Asr, suddenly several people in white robes came to the hall. They then pray in congregation.

With a questioning heart, Banta just kept quiet while watching the behavior of these people. A few moments later, Banta suddenly saw a miraculous event. As soon as the prayer was over, the people in white robes suddenly disappeared from his eyes. Apparently, Banta did not know that they were the spirits of the Aulia (Wali) of Allah.

After witnessing the incident, Banta then thought he would approach his imam when the saints performed the prayer.
“If they finish the prayer, I will immediately hold the Imam’s hand so it does not disappear,” he thought.

Banta Seudang also stayed at the hall awaiting the arrival of the saints. When the Maghrib prayer time arrives, the saints come to pray. Banta Seudang immediately sat next to the priest. As soon as the priest finishes his prayer, he immediately holds his hand.

“Hi, young man! Why are you holding my hand? “The priest asked.
‘Sorry Mister! I hold your hand so that it does not disappear, “Banta answered.

“If I may ask, who are these gentlemen really? Why do you, gentlemen, suddenly appear and disappear? “Banta asked in surprise.

“We are the Aulia of Allah,” answered the priest.
“Who are you? How come you are in this place? “The priest asked Banta in return.
“I am Banta Seudang, sir! I want to find eye medicine for my father, “Banta answered.
“Why is your father’s eyes?” Asked the priest.
“My father’s eyes are blind, sir! I want my father’s eyes to see again, “answered Banta.

“You are a filial son. Alright then, you wait here. Later a white elephant will come to this hall. Follow the white elephant wherever you go, “said the priest and disappeared immediately.

How glad Banta Seudang was to get a clue from the Wali. Not long he waited, suddenly a white elephant came to the hall. After receiving a signal from the elephant, Banta immediately climbed onto the elephant’s back.

The elephant walked through the wilderness to a valley where there was a river that was very clear water. On the edge of the river there is a large tree inhabited by Jin Pari who has a flying suit. Seeing the arrival of Banta with the white elephant, Jin Pari immediately welcomed them.

“Don’t be afraid, young man! I already know the purpose of your coming here. You want to find eye medicine for your father right? “Jin Pari asked Banta.

“That’s right, Jin Pari!” Banta answered.
“Alright then. I know how to cure your father’s eyes. In the middle of the river, there is a magical flower, Bangkawali flower, “said Jin Pari.
“How can I get it, Jin?” Banta asked confused. Jin Pari also told Banta Seudang that every Friday there were seven princesses from other countries who came to the river to bathe.

To guard the river, the king of another country assigned an old woman named Mak Toyo. He lives around the river. Every time the king’s seven daughters finished bathing in the river, Mak Toyo went down to the river to pat the water three times. After that the magic flower ‘Bangkawali’ will appear on the surface of the water. Therefore, Banta must ask Mak Toyo for help to get the magic flower.

One night, Jin Pari with Banta Seudang came to Mak Toyo’s residence. The river guard woman was also willing to help Banta get the Bangkawali flowers, but with one condition.

“My granddaughter, if you want to get the Bangkawali flower, you have to take it yourself by swimming into the middle of the river,” Mak Toyo told Banta.

After getting an explanation from Mak Toyo, Jin Pari and Banta also excused themselves. To implement Mak Toyo requirements, Banta must wait until Friday. So when Friday arrived, the seven beautiful princesses came in their flying clothes to bathe in the river. After changing clothes, they then go down to the river and swim while laughing happily.

When it was late afternoon, the seven princesses finished bathing. They immediately put on their respective flying clothes and flew into the sky. After they left, Mak Toyo immediately went down to the river then patted the water three times. After that, Bangkawali flowers appear on the surface of the river water. Banta Seudang immediately jumped into the river. With difficulty, he swam into the middle of the river to pick up the Bangkawali flowers and then return to the riverbank.

“Mak Toyo! I’ve got Bangkawali flowers. Thank you for your kindness, Mak! “Banta Seudang said.
“Yes, you are welcome. Immediately bring the magic flower for your father! “Mak Toyo said.

The next day, Banta Seudang said goodbye to Mak Toyo and Jin Pari. However, knowing that the journey to be taken by Banta Seudang is very far and requires quite a long time, So Toyo and Jin Pari agreed to take Banta Seudang. Jin Pari and Banta Seudang flew in flying suits, while Mak Toyo was riding a white elephant. Within a day, they arrived in the land of Banta Seudang when it was getting dark. Banta Seudang, who saw his house quiet and looked dark, immediately shouted for his mother.

“Moms! Banta has returned home with eye medicine for my father!
“Yes, enter my child! I’m busy fixing oil lamps, “the mother shouted.

Banta Seudang also entered the house with Mak Toyo and Jin Pari.
“Why is it dark like this? Where is the oil lamp, ma’am? “Asked Banta.
“The light is running out of oil. I just filled it in, “answered the mother.

A few moments later, the oil lamp was lit. The mother immediately embraced Banta Seudang because she had missed him for a long time. Banta Seudang also introduced Mak Toyo and Jin Pari to his parents.

“Ma’am, this is Mak Toyo and Jin Pari. It is they who have helped Banta to get eye medicine for father, “explained Banta Seudang.
Banta Seudang also did not forget to thank Mak Toyo and Jin Pari for helping Banta Seudang.

“How was your father and mother doing while Banta was gone?” Banta Seudang again asked.

Hearing Banta’s question, the mother paused for a moment. With a sad face, the mother then told that during the departure of Banta Seudang, the Pakcik never again helped them. The mother must be forced to work hard to meet their needs. How sad and touched Banta Seudang to hear her mother’s story.

“Right, my child! Your Uncle really is too much and you don’t know yourself. Since you left, he has never given us food. If you were not blind like this, you would have beaten him, “the father said furiously.

“Patience, Father! Banta brought eye medicine to Daddy, “Banta said soothingly to his father’s heart.

After the situation calmed down, Banta Seudang immediately took a bowl of water, then dipped the Bangkawali flower which he brought into the bowl. After a few moments, he rubbed the water from the bowl into his father’s eyes three times.
“Father! Try opening my eyes slowly! “Begged Banta Seudang.
The father slowly opened his eyes. It’s amazing, his eyes can see at once. How happy the father can see the face of his son.

“Since you were born, only this time Dad can see your face, my child! I am very proud of you. Thanks to your efforts and struggle, my eyes can see again as before, “said the father while embracing Banta Seudang.

“Supposedly, my father thanked Mak Toyo and Jin Pari, because they were the ones who helped Banta get the Bangkawali flowers,” Banta Seudang said.

After thanking Mak Toyo and Jin Pari, the father revealed the secret of who they really are.

“Know, my child! Actually, Father is the King of this country. Since my father’s eyes were blinded by being hit by a wooden branch while hunting in the forest, my kingdom left it to your brother. However, when he became king, your brother had forgotten himself and dumped us, “said the father.

How surprised Banta Seudang to hear his father’s explanation. He just understood that it turns out that his father was a king. All this time he thought that his uncle was a good king, because he had met the needs of his family.

However, it turns out that his uncle is a cunning and greedy king. Knowing the real situation, Bangka Seudang also intends to help his father to return the royal throne to his father. Likewise Mak Toyo and Jin Pari, who after hearing the story of Banta Seudang’s father, were also willing to help.

The next day, they left for the palace. Banta Seudang’s father and mother flew with Jin Pari in flying clothes. While Banta Seudang and Mak Toyo were riding white elephants. Arriving at the palace, how surprised the King when he saw the arrival of his brother and his entourage. Especially after knowing the eyes of his brother can see again.

“What do you mean by coming here, brother?” Asked the king.
“Hi, my sister! You are indeed a sister who does not know herself. I gave this royal throne for a while, but instead you dumped you with the empress and my son for years. Now it’s time for you to take back the royal throne! “Cried the older sister.

“Ha ha ha…! I am the ruler of this country. No one can replace me as the King. I have a lot of guards and soldiers. But, if you dare to reclaim this throne, face my guards and soldiers first! ”Exclaimed the King, laughing out loud with his arrogance.

Mak Toyo and Jin Pari who were also present at the place were furious to see the arrogance of the King. Because they knew the real problem, without Banta Seudang’s father, they immediately attacked the King. With just one blow, the King fell down unconscious in front of his throne. The king’s bodyguards who saw the event, no one wants to help the King, because they also know the real situation.

When he regained consciousness, the King and his family were driven out of the palace. Banta Seudang’s father returned to become king in place of his greedy and arrogant younger brother. Finally, Banta Seudang and his family returned to live in the palace and he could go to school. While Mak Toyo and Jin Pari were appointed as palace guards.

Makan KFC Gratis… Kok Bisa???

Hi guys…. kali ini aku akan kasih kabar gembira buat kalian pecinta ayam KFC. Jadi kalian bisa makan ayam KFC gratis sampai tanggal 30 Juni 2019. Pada penasaran kan caranya gimanaaa….. (baca sampe abis yaaa)


Hal yang harus kalian lakukan adalah:

  1. Download aplikasi DANA di play store android kalian
  2. Setelah install aplikasi DANA, jangan lupa sign up yaaa..(yang udah punya akun tinggal login aja)
  3. Kalo akun DANA kalian udah jadi, silahkan di isi saldo sesuai yang kalian butuhkan (isi saldo bisa pakai rekening atau bisa juga datang ke alfamart/alfamidi terdekat. minimum isi saldo kalo di alfa 50.000)
  4. Next step adalah…. kalian tinggal cari KFC yang menerima pembayaran menggunakan DANA. Sekarang udah banyak kok store KFC yang menerima pembayaran dengan DANA
  5. Setelah pesan menu KFC yang kalian suka, tinggal bilang sama kasirnya kalo bayar pake DANA
  6. Cara bayarnya… kalian klik tombol ”bayar” yang ada ditengah paling bawah
  7. Jika pembayaran berhasil, kalian akan nerima cashback dari DANA (maksimum cashback hanya 25.000 aja yaa guys, misal total pesanan kalian 30.000 berarti kalian tinggal bayar sisanya. Tapi kalo total pesanan kalian 25.000 kebawah berarti saldo kalian gk akan berkurang)
  8. Cashback DANA 100% hanya diberikan 1x per akun dan per periode yaa guys. Jadi setelah kalian transaksi di KFC pake DANA, kalian gak dapat cashback 100% lagi untuk pemesanan yang kedua

Aku juga sering nikmatin cashback dari DANA ini guys,,, kujamin worth it bangett buat kalian yang suka makan gretongan.. heheee

kebetulan dari tanggal 25-27 Juni 2019 KFC lagi ada promo Crazy Deal seharga 49ribuan yang isinya 5 ayam HCC (Hot Crispy Chicken). Kayak gini niih penampakan ayam gorengnya.


Kalian bisa pilih sih mau yang OR atau HCC, kalo aku lebih prefer yang HCC karena suka yang crispy. Biasanya sih KFC kasih promo crazy deal kalo akhir bulan. Naahh untuk pembayaran promo crazy deal ini aku gabungin sama DANA biar dapet promo double (lumayan kan buat anak kos). Promo seharga 49ribuan (exclude tax) dipotong cashback DANA 25.000 jadi aku cuma bayar sisanya aja sekitar 25ribuan guys.

Buat kalian yang mau makan enak tapi gaji belom cair gak usah khawatir, langsung aja instal aplikasi DANA, terus nikmatin promo nya KARENA MAKAN ENAK GAK HARUS KAYA guys.


*postingan ini tidak untuk promosi ya guys, hanya sekedar berbagi saja

Hot pink still working

Hot pink still working

Helmut Lang collared shirt
5.799.395 IDR –

Pink jacket
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Agnona wool pants
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M2Malletier mini handbag
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Marc Jacobs perfume fragrance
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Happy Garden

Happy Garden

Outdoor bistro set
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Improvements outdoor decor
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Crate and Barrel outdoor string light
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Garden ornament
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Valentine’s day

Valentine's day

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JO’s Room Star

JO's Room Star

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Super Black Vintage

Super Black Vintage

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Sun Zero light blocking curtain
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You Don’t Know

Nobody knows me
Yet everyone knows my name
Some people judge me
Not knowing that I’m the same
Thanks for the offer
But I keep my old
friends always
But then I get lonely
Counting the endless days
Are you here for me at all?
Do you care for me at all?
Well, this time now I
know I ain’t standing alone no more
Cos all I want is love
Someone who can share the pain I feel
And the eyes that stare
Won’t stare at me no more
Cos all I need is time
Time for me to open up and show
The person I am
The person you think you know
You don’t know